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We are not just a community, but a real family for everyone who shares our passion for basketball. Regardless of your level of play, experience or age, here you will find a place to share your knowledge, learn new things and just have a good time talking with like-minded people.

Passion for Basketball: We are united by a common love for the game. Every shot, every sprint on the court is our common drive.

Our values:

Respect and friendliness: We have no room for negativity. We appreciate and respect each other, regardless of the difference in the level of the game or opinions.

Knowledge Sharing: Our community is a place to learn and teach. Here you will find tips for both beginners and experienced players, and all of them are valuable.

Improvement: We are constantly striving to develop as players. Discussing new training, tactics and approaches to the game is our daily routine.


We celebrate each other's successes and share our achievements. Here you can find motivation and support regardless of the situation.

Online trainings: We organize online trainings where you can improve your technique and exchange experience with other players.

Tips and tricks: Our experienced players are always ready to share their tips and tricks to help you improve your game.

Game selection

Discussion Forum: We have sections to discuss all aspects of the game, from basic skills to pro match analysis.

What do we offer:

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Join our community of basketball players and be part of our exciting and motivating environment! Whether you're playing for fun or aiming for a professional career, you'll find your place here.